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Welcome to VectorInter.Net Web hosting.

We provide web site hosting, professional e-mail and other Internet-based productivity tools for web site development projects of greatly differing size. From small personal sites to huge corporate data centers, We can custom plan a specific package to fit your current needs and growth plans. Clients of all sizes receive upgraded service at a lower cost than they will likely find elsewhere.

VectorInter.Net offers substantially larger data file sizes, greater bandwidth, and faster server speeds to support greater site functionality and increase the navigation speed that customers see at your web site .

Would you like to know more? Read our special "new client" web hosting offer below and check our references with clients we've served for years and brand-new customers, just developing a web presence and using professional services, like "vanity e-mail" from VectorInter.Net

What is "Web Site hosting" ?

Professional, quality web site hosting is critical to the success of your internet based project. The best hosting is "invisible", but a vital part of your web site. To understand why, we use this analogy:    

Imagine your Web site as a self-published book. A ghostwriter known as a web-page designer "publishes" your book in HTML code. When it is published, your web pages are "hosted" on a specialized computer called a "web server".

A server does what the name implies. It delivers, or "serves" the computer HTML code, from a central holding spot to each individual browser. HTML code tells your computer how to display the text, graphics and photos your site visitors see. Our large server facilities are a "public library", making your "book" available to everyone.

Each web site "book" has a numbered location in our "library". Just as the Dewey Decimal System helps find a specific book in a physical library, our server "library" works with the Internet DNS system to make your web pages instantly available, around the clock and 365 days a year.

Read more about "how" web site hosting works in the
VectorInter.Net Newsletter archives.

Do you like Internet Trivia?    Try this one.
Who invented the @ in every e-mail?    or What is the - @ - symbols correct name?

You can confound most "internet experts" and be a fountain of "useless" information with this, and other seemingly simple questions.
Read more about the history of @ symbol in the VectorInter.Net Newsletter archives.

VectorInter.Net inexpensive Web Hosting Offer

We have a special offer for small business web site owners, individuals that own personal sites, and web page design firms that specialize in building web sites for local businesses going online.

Why not let VectorInter.Net provide truly economical web site hosting, with all the technical support services you need to operate a successful internet enterprise. We offer web hosting of your site at one low annual fee, depending on your specific needs; with no supplimental or "add-on" charges. You'll get large MB space for huge graphics, images, or data base files. Our server facilities are some of the fastest on the 'Net, running the newest upgraded and patched hardware. We think "vanity e-mail" is critical to a professional looking web enterprise. We include it with every client agreement, at no additional cost, as well as a wide spectrum of scripts, tools, and services.

Step up to a professional quality web hosting service, for nearly the same annual, real cost of the many "bulk space" web hosting companies you'll find advertising web site hosting deals on the 'Net.

Why does VectorInter.Net charge less ?

#1 We operate our own facilities in Australia, the USA and EU (Germany). No matter where your primary customers are clustered, we can locate/distribute your content for quicker page loading.

#2 We use these same facilities to manage our parent company's web enterprise. You get the same quality service we expect for ourselves, and the larger corporate accounts we manage on retainer.

#3 We "know" all of our clients. We do not use automated sign-up for clients, like "bulk hosting" firms. Be prepared to tell us the basics of your business/web site plans. We don't tolerate spammers and refuse to work with porn sites and those that distribute "Hate Speach". The good news is, your web site won't be blocked or banned by associating with undesireable content being distributed from the same data center.

#4 We offer "pure" web hosting. We do not insert or require banner ads or pop-up/pop-under advertising and there are never any page linking requirements. Use your web page hosting space as you see best.

#5 We let you sleep at night !! The internet runs 24/7/365, but you don't need too. Spend your time designing and building your web content and marketing. Let us manage your site availability.

The only way to know what we can do for you... is to ask.
Send a simple e-mail to us at @ if you are in Australia or Asia,
director.usa @ in the "States", Canada or South America.
Direct your inquiry to @ if your domain is in Europe.
Send mail to @, if you are in France or Africa.
All mail addresses at VectorInter.Net. We hope to hear from you.



       What is "Vanity E-mail" ?
   The Internet is a great equalizer of
  businesses, both big and small, so making
  a good first impression is critical.
   Vanity e-mail is one simple way to look
  professional and Web-savvy.
  Which e-mail address looks more credible?
    or   Director@VectorInter.Net ?
   Matching vanity e-mail is included at
  no extra cost with your  VectorInter.Net
  web site hosting contract.

Read why E-mail marketing may be the "Killer App" solution to customer acquisition and retention without violating the new "spam" laws.


Web site hosting is trustworthy, dependable and "fast" .
Each of our three facilities have redundant power and emergency battery backups.
We use industry-leading equipment with multiple connections to the Internet backbone to insure 24/7-365 service.

   Whether your customers have the slowest dial-up service or the fastest cable/DSL,
VectorInter.Net hosting makes your site pages display faster, navigate quicker and download your content quickly.
Do you know how the "web" works?
Do you know how the "web" works?
The internet is constantly growing, changing and evolving. No one "knows it all", but understanding the basics of how the internet functions can help you create a successful web-based enterprise.

What is DNS?
It is "why" & "How" the internet works.
What is an IP address?
What do those strange numbers mean?
How to find a "good" web designer...
and what is a fair price to pay !!

What is "search engine optimization ?
How can I promote my web site?

The VectorInter.Net technical staff is constantly writing newsletters and technical articles for print and online publication around the world. You will find many of them in the VectorInter.Net newsletter archives .

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